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Urban Home with Plants

An Exclusive VIP Service


Heal@Home with Holistically Her is an exclusive, VIP service that brings the healing treatment directly to YOU! All services and treatments are provided in the luxury of your home!

Experience an unparalleled healing session with ease in the comfort of your own home as I bring healing to your mind, body, spirt, soul and home!  Now you can lavish in the same services without having to worry about parking, traffic or unnecessary stressors trying to get to an appoint on time. 

To enjoy your exclusive VIP HEAL@HOME experience, please see the following requirements below: 

  • Complete an HEAL@HOME Form

  • Schedule your consultation by click here.

  • Send a video of your in-home space that will be utilized for the HEAL@HOME experience

  • Ensure a pet free environment. During the session all pets must be secured or services may be discontinued.

  • Ensure a quiet environment for healing to happen. During the session, kids, spouses, partners, boy/girlfriends, family members, relatives, soul tribe, friends, acquaintances, etc are NOT permitted to be in the space utilized unless they are receiving a service.

  • A mandatory HEAL@HOME Travel fees will be assessed to the service. Fees are as follow:

  1. $15 within a 20 mile radius within the Atlanta Metro Area

  2. $50 outside of a 20 mile radius within the Atlanta Metro Area

  3. $10 house energy cleansing fee

Application submission for Holistically Her HEAL@HOME Exclusive VIP Services does NOT automatically guarantee services. We deserve the right to refuse service. 




**All services bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE! If you book prior to receivng a consultation and approval for HEAL@HOME services, you appointment will automatically me converted to one of the four Holistically Her locations!**

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