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"ALL LIFE begins in the WOMB! Our womb holds the power! It is the gateway to magic, creation, birth, and life!  We cannot bring forth healthy LIFE, literally or figuratively, with an unhealthy and  toxic womb"  ~Dr.TaMara


Whether your desire is to prepare your mind, Spirit and WOMB for pregnancy, heal your reproductive health concerns such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroid tumors, heavy and/or menstrual cycles, infertility, if your looking for holistic way to cope with miscarriage or natural ways to cope with menopause or even  to become more intimately acquainted with your WOMB by tapping into the manifestation power and intuitive ability of your WOMB space,  Holistically Her Ayurvedic  WOMB Healing Services are for you! Holistically Her Ayurvedic Doula & WOMB Healing Services are to designed to give your WOMB the attention, love, gratitude, healing and Power it needs and deserves!  Embodied with ancient ancestral Ayurvedic wisdom, intuitive healing modalities and guided per Spirit, each service is offered with PowHerFull Intention to Support the Health and Wealth of your WOMB. ​ 

If you're ready to heal your reproductive issues,  begin the journey into motherhood or if you're ready to reconnect with your WOMB,  book your appointment today! 

Seated herbal steam bath includes a unique custom blend of herbs that are heated to release healing benefits for the WOMB space.  

This 90 minute Womb Detox treatment will help to detoxify the WOMB space healing disease, DISease and restoring balance. 

This treatment includes a 60  minute treatment will help to activate and stimulate the power of the womb and so much more

Crystals infused with healing energy, love, light and personal intention are arranged into a healing womb mandala on top of the womb space.

Are you ready to begin your journey into motherhood, schedule your virtual consultation to learn how to mprepare your WOMB.

Add the power of sound to any healing treatment to shift your frequency and vibrations based on your healing intentions.

The Hot Stone Clay Wrap Detox will help to activate and stimulate the power of the womb detoxifying, reducing inflammation and restoring balance.

Activate the power of the sacral and solar plexus by opening up the energetically (pitta) pathways to reduce disease and restore balance.

Looking for birth support during your journey to mother, schedule your virtual consultation to learn how my birth doula services can support you!

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