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So you wanna know more about me?

Women are Divine! We are the Mothers! Nurturers! Care Givers! Bearers of LIFE! Therefore we must ensure that we are unapologetic in taking care of our minds, bodies, spirits ad souls! 

Dr. TaMara Rose

You probably have already figured out that I AM NOT your "typical doctor!" I AM a bit eccentric and eclectic medicine woman and certified Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Practitioner with a hodgepodge of over 30 years of experience helping women achieve optimal wellness  and wholeness by healing trauma within the mind, body, spirit and soul. I believe in spiraling in deep to treating the root cause of the problem rather than just the present discomfort and presenting symptoms. I AM very passionate about empowering women to take charge of their lives by teaching natural healing tools and guiding them towards a more pain free, trauma free, healthier, empowered, balanced and abundant lifestyle. I AM unapologetic about helping women heal!  I was chosen for this!


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And Holistically Her Was Born....

“The body remembers what the mind surpasses! We are so disconnected from our bodies and minds that we fail to understand  and address the trauma that resides within, creating disease ad DIS-ease that prevents us from living our most authentic lives. If we really want so show up in the world fully embodied mind, body, spirit and soul then we must heal."  ~Dr. TaMara

Holistically Her is more than a name or a brand! It's a way of life! It's natural healing for the mind, body, spirit and soul! It's Ancient Ancestral Wisdom! It's Love! It's an Ayurvedic way of LIFE!


Holistically Her was birthed out of the need to help women learn to become comfortable living in their bodies.  That need began with me! I was in a very interesting space in my life. I was totally disconnected from body! Although I was living and moving in my body everyday, I was not fully present. I was not experience pleasure. I was not eating healthy or sleeping well. I was NOT living life the way I wanted to live  and enjoy it! I was just merely existing. I had become comfortable with the living with chronic neck and back pain, allergies, sinus problems, digestive issues, reproductive challenges, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, trust issues, insecurity, stagnant energy, and so much more. I mean I had actually conceded to the belief that this is just how life and living in my body would be. I found myself relying on big pharma medications that only provided  temporary relief at times. I also found myself taking more medication to supplement the medications that I was already struggling with.

My body, mind, spirit and soul was tired! I was becoming a former shell of myself. Something had to give, and WOW, one day did it ever!  One afternoon I found myself sitting in my car on the verge of a total breakdown. I was over it! So there I sat literally bawling my eyes out! I was so tired of the trauma of my 9-5! My living situation wasn't safe or healthy. My body was filled with pain, inflammation and disease. My mind was filled with anxiety, frustration and worry. I was beyond overwhelmed. My energy was low. I had insomnia! I wasn't breathing. I wasn't showing up fully. And to make matters even worse, my spirit wasn't spirit-ing. I felt like a complete failure, imposter  and just a total HAWT mess, figuratively and literally! I just couldn't take it anymore! It was in that moment of the mess, months of stress , deterioration and in the midst of tears, that enough was ENOUGH!!! I wanted to live but NOT just live, I wanted to LIVE! I wanted to LIVE a life of joy, pleasure, peace and prosperity and that meant healing my mind, body, spirit and soul in a profound way! That meant tapping into my mind and body's natural ability heal AND it also mean that I was going to have to do some deep digging into the root - no pun intended - to pull up the trauma, disease and DISease that my mind and body was holding on to! I knew I had my "work" cut out for me! I was committed to being a better me! And that's when my journey with Ayurveda began! That's when Holistically Her was born.....


My Love, trust me it wasn't easy but it was worth it! And I'd do it all over again without regrets! Healing holistically has definitely  been the BEST investment that I have made in myself (and I've made many..LOL!) I want to share with YOU everything that I've learned along the way and everything I did to heal my mind, body, spirit and soul because first of all, YOU are WORTHY! Secondly, YOU deserve to heal so that you can live in your mind and body pain and trauma free! And finally, when a woman heals, she heals not only herself but she heals her lineage, her legacy and her world!

Living the Ayurvedic way healed and saved my LIFE now let me teach you how Ayurveda can help heal and save yours!

About Holistically Her

because every woman deserves to life her best life free from disease, DISease, and trauma in her mind, body, spirit and soul....

Women are Divine! We are the Mothers! Nurturers! Care Givers! Bearers of LIFE! Therefore we must ensure that we are unapologetic in taking care of our minds, bodies, spirits ad souls! 

Holistically Her is rooted in the wisdom, guidance and pillars of Ayurveda and Naturopathy interwoven with ancestral healing rituals and practices. Because women intricately and uniquely complex, we need a system of healing and support that is designed to cater to ALL of our intricacies while teaching us to navigate and increase balance and the spirit of harmony within our nature cyclical patterns of our Dimension of Wellness. In doing so, free our mind, body, spirit and soul from trauma! We eliminate disease and DISease! We experience healing and wholeness. 

At Holistically Her, I help you INNERstand and  understand how PowHerFull our WE are as women.  I teach you how our WOMB impacts every dimension (mental, emotional, spiritual, biochemical, energetical, social, financial, legal, institutional, political, historical, ancestral, physical, etc.) of our lives and how the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. impacts these dimensions. We Spiral into the our mind, body, spirt and soul and Navigate with Grace through each of the Holistically Her pillars below:

  • FOOD












exploring how each has impacted our dimensions, wounds, traumas including the disease and DISease, it has  created in your Life.  



My Spirit led Intuitive Medicine is Honest, Raw and Authentic! It’s Healing! I keep it 100% real! We Spiral In and Dig Deep until we Expose and Pull Up the root so that you can live in..


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